Boyalink - Performance

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Small Meeting Room/Seminar


In group settings, the Boyalink microphone delivers impressive accuracy, whether attached to a speaker's collar or placed on a desk in the center of the group. Using two microphones simultaneously in larger groups further enhances audio captioning. Even in environments with background noise and multiple conversations, the accuracy remains high. However, when multiple people speak over each other, the transcript can become muddled, as only one voice can be captured at a time.

Lecture Hall


In a large lecture hall, the Boyalink microphone excels with its exceptional accuracy and impressive range. Attaching the mic to the speaker ensures that audio remains clear, free from disruptions caused by background noise, such as chatting, rustling papers, or keyboard tapping. The only potential drawback could be some students' reluctance to ask the speaker to wear the lapel mic, especially if they arrive late to the lecture.

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