How to Record an In-Person Meeting in your Browser

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Recording an in-person meeting within your browser

You can now use your internet browser to record sessions and get straight to captioning in-person meetings. You can do this on your laptop, computer, or even your mobile phone.

In order to start captioning, you must allow Caption.Ed and your browser to use your microphone.


You can only record a session using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari browsers. Firefox is not a supported browser.

How to Start Recording

First, log into the Caption.Ed Dashboard. Once logged in, click "Record Session" on the left side.

image showing the red record session button

Now that you have clicked on Record Session, you will be asked for the first time to grant permissions for Caption.Ed to use your Microphone. Depending on your internet browser, you should click Allow. For more information on this, choose one of our guides below. 

Safari (Desktop) Permissions

Google Chrome (Desktop) Permissions

Microsoft Edge (Desktop) Permissions

Then, choose which microphone you want to capture in the drop-down menu. 

image showing the dropdown menu of microphone options

Once you have chosen your microphone, you can click on "Start Session". 

Give it a few moments, and then you'll see the screen below, ready to start recording. You will be able to see the transcript as the recording goes along. 

image showing the transcript page

When you are ready, click "End Session" in the top right-hand corner and name the session. Then click "End and Save Session" to return to the dashboard home page. 

image showing the end session button

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