Setting up your Session

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How to Set up Your Session to Caption a Meeting or Lecture

Now that you have downloaded and installed Caption.Ed, once you have logged into the application, you can now set up your first session. Either click "Setup your first session" or "Start a New Session"

Record your Screen

You will be asked whether you wish to record your screen. You have the option for Yes or No.

This is useful for online meetings/lectures or where someone else is showing a presentation, and you have a copy of the presentation so that you can change the slides on your screen. You will have the option to record either your whole screen or an individual application. 

image showing whether you would like to record your screen in caption.ed


Choosing your Audio 

Caption.Ed will allow you to record your computer audio, microphone, or a combination of the two. 


This will caption any audio that you are playing directly on your computer/laptop. This is useful for YouTube videos, online webinars, and lectures in which you are not participating or asking questions. Caption.Ed will pick up any sound or audio you would hear out of your computer speakers.


This will only caption anything you are saying into a microphone. Whether that is your laptop's built-in microphone or an externally connected microphone (Bluetooth, USB, or audio jack). It will not caption any audio coming through your computer speakers. This is useful for in-person meetings. 


To see what microphone Caption.Ed will use when captioning, you can hover your mouse over the i icon to see the default microphone that has been selected.

Computer & Microphone

This will caption both your computer sound and your microphone. This is extremely useful for online meetings or study sessions. Use this option if you want to caption what you are saying and any other participants in an online setting. 


We support over 47 different languages in which you can caption. This is especially useful for any foreign language studies in which the lecture is in that native language or when captioning an online video in a different language.

image showing the different audio sources for caption.ed

Once you choose how you want to set up your audio, click Start Session to start captioning. 

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