Alvoxcon UM 310 PRO

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image of Alvoxcon UM 310 PRO microphone

Alvoxcon UM 310 PRO

For users seeking flexibility and mobility during presentations or lectures, the Alvoxcon UM 310 PRO is a suitable option. This wireless microphone offers the convenience of freedom of movement while maintaining clear audio capture. Its wireless connectivity allows you to move around your environment without the hassle of tangled cables, facilitating accurate captions with Caption.Ed.

Perks of the microphone

When purchasing a microphone, we know you want the one that hits all the checkboxes. We have conducted an internal testing of this microphone and have come up with the following perks of the Alvoxocon.

  • Cost effective
  • Work across mobile and desktop device
  • Up to 100 feet transmitter, meaning it works wirelessly from a great range
  • Cardoid pickup pattern (captures sound from the front of the microphone whilst minimising background noise)
  • Work across mobile and desktop devices
  • Inconspicuous and unobtrusive device, so it does not draw unwanted attention

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