Benefits for a University using Caption.Ed

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Learn how Caption.Ed can be used across your institution. Developed in collaboration with UK universities to meet their unique challenges, Caption.Ed provides instant on-demand and cross-platform captioning for almost any media and is designed to be distributed across large institutions. The key benefits of Caption.Ed are:

  • Student-led: empowers students to decide which lectures and material they require captions for and enables them to become independent learners.
  • Cross-Platform: works across all online media, lecture capture systems, and video conferencing platforms. Available for Windows and Mac.
  • Best-in-class accuracy: leading accuracy for automated captions and coverage of specialist subjects.
  • Integrated human QA: integrated and efficient human moderation using leading-edge, AI-driven tools.
  • Institutional control and security: tight information security and usage controls to support the University.

Student-Led, Cross-Platform

Once installed, the Caption.Ed software allows students and staff to caption any media they are required to access for their course, from Panopto, ECHO 360, or Kaltura lectures and Zoom meetings, to Podcasts and YouTube videos.

Captions generated by students are customisable, and the transcripts are downloadable and editable. The software is available via dedicated browser extensions for Google Chrome and Edge Chromium, desktop applications for Windows and Mac and mobile applications for iOS and Android.

For institutional users, we can integrate directly into your Zoom account so you get the power of Caption.Ed on all your calls.

Best-In-Class Accuracy

Caption.Ed provides best-in-class accuracy for automated captioning, what's more, the user can refine the software to hone in on the subject matter of the media, or even the accent of the speaker to further enhance accuracy. Caption.Ed can also provide captions in foreign languages.

Caption.Ed supports a blended approach of automated captioning with human editing when required. When captions are created and stored, they can also be rated by the user. If a piece of media is flagged as being troublesome for automated captioning, then through our institutional dashboard the captions can be selected and edited, using the Caption.Ed Editing Suite.

This allows an institution to make and save edits quickly and efficiently for problem media. Once edits are saved, these captions are then provided to future students when viewing the media.

Institutional Controls and Security

As an institution you are able to control how the software is distributed, accessed, and used across the university down to a granular level.

Caption.Ed users across an institution can use captions collectively, meaning when one user generates captions for a piece of university media, those captions can be stored within the institutional account, and reused when future students view the same media with Caption.Ed.

Caption.Ed is fully GDPR compliant and has tight information security policies and processes to ensure the protection of your and your students' data.

A lifesaver for academics

For many academic staff at our universities Caption.Ed is a lifeline for quickly generating captions for live or pre-recorded media. We've all heard that it can take 3 hours to update or create captions for a 1 hour lecture, this doesn't need to be the case.

Caption.Ed will help lecturers create amazingly accurate and subject-specific captions instantly.

We also provide a leading-edge editing suite to support human moderation when required and an AI-driven triaging system, to flag captions that need some human TLC.

Efficient human moderation

When an individual uses Caption.Ed to caption university media, we store the captions, in full, against your university account. This provides both cost savings, and also an efficient route for human moderation.

We know the mammoth task that is reviewing all captions for all media, it's laborious and in the most part unnecessary.

With Caption.Ed, as we generate and store captions we also triage out those which most need human attention. We'll tell you which captions most need some human TLC, and more than that, we'll provide a state-of-the art transcript editor to do it in, we'll even highlight the specific words we would like checking.

University Licensing

We have a number of license options available for universities.

Please get in touch and we can discuss the best way in which we can support your requirements.

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