Formatting Notes - Bold, Underline, Bullet Points & Headings

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Formatting Notes


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By utilising the formatting options in Caption.Ed you have the power to improve your comprehension of the notes you have taken in many ways.

Bold, italics and underlining allow you to emphasise key information and return to key points with ease. Taking advantage of these tools will allow you to create easy-to-comprehend notes, and improve your ability to absorb and recall important information.

Alongside the formatting bar, you can also use commands on your keyboard to turn formatting options on and off. You can use either Ctrl for Windows or Command for MacOS

Ctrl (⌘) + B for Bold

Ctrl (⌘) + I for Italics

Ctri (⌘) + U for Underlining


Bullet Points & Headings

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To further enhance your notes you can also add headings and bullet points.

Headings are a great way of showing a change in topic and have a strong visual impact when glancing through your notes.

Bullet points are a great way of distilling large paragraphs into succinct, easy-to-read points.

To add a Header you can press the Header button in the formatting bar or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl (⌘) + H.

To create a bullet point list directly in your notes you can either press the list icon in the formatting bar or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl (⌘) + Shift + 8.

You can then press Shift + Enter for a new bullet point, or press Shift + Enter twice to then go to a new paragraph.


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