How to Invite Caption.Ed Scribe to your Google Meet Meeting

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Getting Started

Caption.Ed Scribe can join your Google Meet meeting and provide captions for your meeting.

To get started, you need only the Google Meet URL. This is typically shared in the invitation email, but the meeting host can also obtain it.


An example URL will look like:

Inviting Caption.Ed Scribe to your Meeting.

Now that you have the Google Meet URL go to the Caption.Ed Dashboard and log in. Once logged in, click "Record Session", choose "Online Meeting", and enter the meeting URL.

image showing the caption.ed dashboard and a google meet URL

The Caption.Ed Scribe bot will join the meeting shortly after pressing "Join meeting".


Please note that it can take a few minutes for Caption.Ed Scribe to join the meeting.

The host may need to admit Caption.Ed Scribe to join the meeting. Once they have accepted it, Caption.Ed Scribe will start recording the session and generate captions in the Caption.Ed Dashboard.

an image showing caption.ed scribe joining the google meet meeting

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