Seats Admin Guide

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As an admin, you can assign, manage and monitor your licensed seats across your institution.

This guide will cover the admin dashboard, how to manage your seats and how to monitor your users' usage.

Managing your Seats

As part of your institutional license, you'll have a certain amount of seats to assign to users.


Seats come in three types:

Pro (3000 mins of live captioning per month per user with note-taking)

Lite (1000 mins of live captioning per month per user with note-taking)

Notes (Note-taking with no live captioning)

As an admin, you'll need to assign seats to your users so that they can access the app features.

From your institutional dashboard, go to the "Users" tab.

Here you'll see:

  • The total number of users you have in your institution
  • How many of them have been assigned a seat
  • The days until your seats refresh (this resets on the 1st of each calendar month)
  • A full list of your users

To assign a seat, find an existing user* from the list and click the drop-down menu in the "Seat Type" collum. Select an available seat type to allocate it to this user.

Once a seat has been allocated to a user, you'll be able to track how much of their monthly allowance they have used under the "Transcription Usage" tab.

You can change and deallocate seats from users at any time.

Admin Dashboard


image showing the option to uninstall TalkType

When you log into your online account, you'll be greeted with your Admin Dashboard.

On the left, you'll see a report of the number of minutes that Caption.Ed has been used across your institution that month.

Under "Institutional Recent Usage" you'll see a list of your users' most recent sessions.

You can click "See usage" or "See all" to view a full list of sessions across your institution.


This list only provides the name and length of each session. You can not view the attached media, transcription or notes of any of the users' sessions.

In the middle, you'll see how many seats have been assigned to users. 

In the example on the left, you can see that we have 5 total seats and only 3 have been assigned to users so far. You can click "Manage Users" to load up the seats management page.

The box on the right provides you with a link to download the Caption.Ed app.



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