I've ran out of minutes, what should I do?

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Depending on your license type will depend on the steps required to increase your minutes. Follow the steps below. 

Upgrading your monthly subscription plan

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When you pay monthly for a Lite or Pro subscription, you'll get a certain amount of allowance per month.

Lite offers you 1000 minutes of allowance a month. If you find that you are consistently going over this amount, you may want to consider upgrading to Pro.

Here's how to upgrade to Pro from your online account:

  1. Log into the Caption.Ed dashboard
  2. Head to Settings on the left menu, then Account Details
  3. Head to the Subscription tab and then select Manage Subscription
  4. Click Update Plan and select the new plan you wish to change to.
  5. Select Confirm to lock in your selection.
  6. Your Caption.Ed will now be updated with your new chosen plan

If you're already on a Pro subscription and need more allowance, contact our customer support team, who can assist further.

DSA/Access to Work License

If you've been given a Caption.Ed license via the Disable Students Allowance (DSA) or Access to Work schemes in the UK and need to increase your allowance, speak to our sales team at sales@carescribe.io

Access from your School/University/College/Workplace

If you've been given access to Caption.Ed from your school or workplace (as part of a wider group license) and need more individual allowance, you'll need to contact your organisation admin.

If you're unsure who administers your Caption.Ed license, contact our customer support team, and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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