As well as being able to transcribe any media on your computer, Caption.Ed can also caption and transcribe your in-person meetings.

To get started, open your Caption.Ed desktop app and click "Start a new session".

You'll first be asked if you'd like to record your screen for the session.

If you click yes, a screen recording of your chosen window will be attached to this session in the library.

This is great if you have any visual content you'll be referring to during your session (such as a slideshow presentation).

If you choose not to record your screen, an audio-only recording will still be attached to your session. You can also upload a slideshow to a session after it's been saved to your account (How do I attach a PDF slideshow to my session?)

Next, you'll be asked which audio you'd like to record.

For an in person meeting, you'll want to select your Microphone.

  • Computer: This is great if you only want to caption media coming from your computer; such as a YouTube video.

  • Microphone: This is ideal if you want to transcribe an in-person meeting, but don't want your computer audio to be included in the captions. 

  • Computer + Mic: This is recommended if you want to caption both your computer and microphone audio; such a virtual meeting.

Here you can also select the Subject or Language of the captions. There are a number of different languages to choose from, as well as a selection of custom English dictionaries that focus on specialist subjects. In the below example, we'll be captioning an educational medical video, so we've selected "Health and Life Sciences" as our subject.

Once you're happy with everything, select "Start Session". 

The captioning window will then load up and begin transcribing anything coming through your microphone.