Caption.Ed is leading the way to 100% accurate captions. Here we'll talk you through how Caption.Ed integrates the best of automated captioning with an efficient workflow for human moderation.

Everybody is aiming to provide 100% accurate captions for all of their media. In an ideal world, all media platforms would be able to provide instantly automated captions. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. 

Many media platforms don't provide auto-captions, and those that do typically don't provide particularly high levels of accuracy.

This leaves you with a choice, spend days generating and editing captions for each piece of media, or hope that the captions that are there are sufficient. Neither is an ideal scenario. H

ere at Caption.Ed we think we have a better solution. We aim to provide you with the best-in-class automated captions initially and then use our leading-edge triaging system to flag media that might need some human TLC.

When you come to review and edit captions, we'll provide a state-of-the-art transcript editing suite that will even tell you which words to look at.

Collective captioning

Key to all of this is how Caption.Ed works to collate captions and transcripts generated by your user base, through something we call collective captioning.

When an individual uses Caption.Ed to caption university media, we store the captions, in full, against your university account. This provides both cost savings, and also an efficient route for human moderation. 

Intelligent triaging

We know what a mammoth task it is to review all captions for all media, it's laborious and for the most part unnecessary. With Caption.Ed, as we generate and store captions we also triage out those which most need human attention.

Our AI system will provide each set of captions generated with a 'confidence rating' which can then be used to filter out which captions most need some human TLC. 

Efficient editing

When it comes to editing captions we aim to save you as much time as possible by providing a state-of-the-art editing suite. Our editing suite will allow you to view the transcript synced with the original media. 

You can play the media back at an increased or decreased speed, or double click in the transcript to jump to the relevant part of the media. We will even highlight the parts of the transcript that we think you most need to focus on. 

Finally, all edits are logged, so you can audit changes to your transcripts.

Delegate when needed

Just because you've noticed a transcript needs editing, doesn't mean you're in a position to make those edits. Within the Caption.Ed dashboard you can ask another user to edit a transcript for you by setting them a task.

The users who have been assigned a task will be notified by email and will be able to edit the transcript within their dashboard, notifying you when it's done. 

Downloading the finished article

You also have the option to download the transcripts stored within Caption.Ed, you can download these as a VTT file, DOCX file, or TXT file.