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How to use Caption.Ed with Microsoft Teams

Below is a guide to using MS teams and Caption.Ed together. This walk through shows you how to use the browser version of Caption.Ed rather than the desktop application.

Video Guide


> Open the meeting URL/ meeting link in Chrome or Edge.
> Next select the option to 'continue on this browser' as highlighted below. 


This will open the meeting which you will then need to join. 


> Click the 'join meeting' button which will then ask the host of the meeting to allow you to join the meeting. 


Once you've joined the meeting, then you'll need to start up Caption.Ed. 


> Click the Caption.Ed application in the top right corner of your tab, as highlighted below.


> Select the subject from the drop down menu, or leave on default British English 

> Next click start, as highlighted below.


You should no see the Captioning bar appear on your screen and as participants speak text will appear in the box. 


You can download your transcript by clicking the 'download' button highlighted below. 


I hope you found this helpful. 

If you have any questions please contact us at 
[email protected].    

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