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Using Caption.Ed for Browser

So you are up and running, great! Now here is a guide to getting started with Caption.Ed for Browser.

Caption.Ed is very easy to use. Once you’ve installed the extension in Chrome, you can access it through the small icon at the top of your browser:

To start captioning a video, open the video in your Chrome browser. This could be a video recording of a lecture through your universities website, or a video you want to watch in Youtube. Simply select 'Start' in the Caption.Ed app and then press play on your video. You’ll see the captions appear on your screen shortly after you start playing the video.

You have the option to customise the look and feel of the captions, move the area in which they’re shown, and scroll up and down through the captions.

Once you’ve completed watching the video with captions, you can download the full transcription to be able to review later.

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

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