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Using the Caption.Ed browser extension

Here's a quick guide to help you get started with the Caption.Ed browser extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Caption.Ed can be added as an extension to your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. This allows you to quickly caption anything within your browser; from YouTube videos to online lectures. You can download the Google Chrome extension here, or here if you use Microsoft Edge

Once the extension has been added to the browser, the Caption.Ed logo should appear in the top right of the browser toolbar. 

If the logo hasn't appeared, you'll need to "Pin" it to your toolbar. Click the "Extensions" icon in the top left (this icon looks like a jigsaw piece), and make sure the "Pin/View" icon for Caption.Ed is selected.

You can click the Caption.Ed logo to open the extension. 

It may ask you to log in when you first open the extension; head to our support article here if you don't have your account details yet

To start captioning, simply select 'Start' in the Caption.Ed app and then press play on whatever media you wish to caption (a YouTube video, for example). You’ll then see the captions appear on your screen.

You have the option to customise the look and feel of the captions, move the area in which they’re shown, and scroll up and down through the captions.

Once you’ve completed watching the video with captions, you can download a text file of full transcription. The transcription will also be available in your Caption.Ed account library.

Have any questions? You can submit a ticket to our support team or email us directly at [email protected]

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