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How Caption.Ed can support your students

This is a review of how Caption.Ed can support the students across your institution. It looks at how Caption.Ed can be used by students who have been provided with the software through a site license at their university.


Caption.Ed allows a student to navigate to any live or pre-recorded media, and get instant, on-demand, and best-in-class captions. At Caption.Ed, we're passionate about enabling students to learn in the way that suits them best. Our approach to captioning allows the students to remain independent learners, limiting their reliance on their education providers to provide captions for all scenarios.

Caption.Ed can even be used for face-face sessions, where the user can use Caption.Ed to caption what is going on in the room around them through their device. 

The captions that are provided through our software are also provided as consolidated transcripts that can be downloaded after each session and are saved on the student's central dashboard. This can be extremely useful for note-taking and we have many institutions that use Caption.Ed to support note-taking across their site.

Getting Access 

As a student, I can receive access to use Caption.Ed in a number of different ways and this will depend on how my Education Provider has chosen to deploy the software (view this article on Caption.Ed deployment). 

Generally speaking, students will either sign themselves up for the software or will have been emailed access to the software. Either way, it's easy to get access and it takes seconds to install. 

We can support SSO and work with our institutions to set this upon request. 


Once you install the software you'll be guided through how to use the software. Initially, we set students up with our browser-based application. However, they will also have a desktop and mobile application available to them too. 

We provide walkthrough guides on how to use all of our tools. 

Generating captions

Once the student has the software installed they can navigate to any media and begin to caption. Caption.Ed can be used in live learning environments, pre-recorded lectures, and even in face-face sessions. After any session, the user will be able to download their transcript to support note-taking. 

A student will also have access to their own dashboard. Through this dashboard, they will be able to see their usage of the application and have access to previous captions and transcripts from their sessions. 

Take a look at this article to learn more about how Caption.Ed supports Human Moderation.

Support and queries

Rest assured that if a student falls into difficulty using Caption.Ed they can contact our team at any time, using the support features built into the application or via our website. 

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

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