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How to use Caption.Ed with Microsoft Teams

Below is a guide to using Microsoft Teams and Caption.Ed together. This walk-through shows you how to use the browser version of Caption.Ed rather than the desktop application.

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  • Open the meeting URL/ meeting link in Chrome or Edge.

  • Next select the option to 'continue on this browser' as highlighted below.

  • This will open the meeting which you will then need to join.
  • Click the 'join meeting' button which will then ask the host of the meeting to allow you to join the meeting.
  • Once you've joined the meeting, you'll then need to start up Caption.Ed.
  • Click the Caption.Ed application in the top right corner of your tab, as highlighted below.

  • Select the subject from the drop-down menu, or leave on default British English.
  • Next click start, as highlighted below.

  • You should no see the Captioning bar appear on your screen and as participants speak text will appear in the box. 

  • You can download your transcript by clicking the 'download' button highlighted below. 

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

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