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Why can't I generate any captions?

There could be a few reasons why your Caption.Ed application or browser extension isn't able to generate live captions. In this article, we'll go through some common causes and how to resolve them.

Checking your audio source

If you're using the desktop application, it's worth making sure that the Audio Source is selected to the correct output for what you want to caption. For example, if you want to caption media playing on your computer, you'll need to make sure "Computer/Desktop audio" is selected. Similarly, if you wanted to caption an in-person meeting, you'll want to select the audio source to your microphone. 

Checking firewall access

If you're using a computer that's on a network managed by your workplace or university, then your organisation's firewall may be blocking Caption.Ed from working properly. 

What's a firewall?

A firewall is a network security process that monitors and filters incoming and outgoing network traffic. It can restrict access to certain domains.  

Caption.Ed needs to connect to two domains to work properly: 


If you're logged into Caption.Ed in your browser, if you go to, it should take you directly to your Caption.Ed dashboard.

If you're not logged into Caption.Ed, it should take you to this page:

And, if you to try open you should see this page:

If you're seeing anything in your browser that's different than the above when you try to access these URLs, then we would recommend checking in with your organisation's IT department to make sure both of these domains are allowed on your network. 

Have any questions? You can submit a ticket to our support team or email us directly at [email protected] 

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