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My university has Caption.Ed but I don't have access, how do I get started?

Caption.Ed supports many educational institutions across the world. Here's how you can check if your school, college or university has an active site license and request access. 

Step 1: Go to the Caption.Ed sign-up page. 

Step 2: Select "Student" as your account type. Click "Next".

Step 3: Enter the name of your school, college or university in the search bar. If your institution has an active Caption.Ed site license, you'll be able to find it here and click "Continue" to request access. 

If your institution's name doesn't show up, then they likely don't have a site license. Click "Can't find your institution?" to let us know that you're interested in your institution adopting Caption.Ed. Alternatively, you can always use Caption.Ed with a personal license: [LINK TO "Your Personal Subscription" ARTICLE]

Step 4: Enter your name, institutional email address, course and graduation year. 

Select "Continue" to submit your request. 

A message will then appear letting you know that you request has been sent to your institution's Caption.Ed admin to be reviewed. If you have any questions about your institution's access eligibility, then the contact information of your Caption.Ed admin will also be shown on this screen.

Have any questions? You can submit a ticket to our support team or email us directly at [email protected]

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