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Data retention

If your organisation has a data retention policy this can be applied by your organisation to your account. This means that the length of time data is kept is controlled and data cannot be retained beyond the policy of the organisation. This will mean that if this is set up by your organisation then your sessions will be removed after the number of days compliant with organisational policy.

Caption.Ed will make you aware of this in your Library page and your Account Setting

If you wish to keep your notes, you are able to export these to your computer before the session is removed.

Organisation administrators establish the default data retention policy, which applies to all user accounts within the organisation. If you're an administrator seeking to modify the data retention policy, please contact us for assistance.

However, we also recognize that individual users may have specific data retention preferences, even outside of an organisation. If you are an individual user you can reach out to us to apply a data retention setting to your account, please contact the CareScribe support team