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User roles within Caption.Ed

Within an institutional account, you can set users up under different "roles". These roles have access to different functions to make sure your Caption.Ed account runs as efficiently as possible. So who should I give what access to?


The following table highlights what different users will be able to do within the Caption.Ed system.



Transcript Editor/ Lecturer

Institutional Admin

Use Caption.Ed applications to caption media




Access to Caption.Ed online dashboard




Access to Caption.Ed  support




View own usage

View transcript relating to own usage




Direct Upload

Edit transcripts relating to own usage





Review tasks to edit transcripts not previously viewed



View usage across the institution 





View all transcripts generate across the institution 





Assign tasks/ transcript to be edited by another user





Invite new users



Delete users



Control how Caption.Ed can be used across the institution




How would each user typically want to use Caption.Ed



A Student user's main functionality is to use Caption.Ed to generate captions when viewing media. They can view their own usage, change their own account details and download the various different versions of the Caption.Ed app. The captions that a Student user generates will also be stored in the main institutional account. A student can also view transcripts for the media they've viewed on their dashboard and download them. However a student will not be permitted to edit transcripts for the institution, they would need to be made a Transcript Editor to do this. 



Transcript Editor/ Lecturer


A Transcript Editor / Lecturer is able to use Caption.Ed in the same way as a student, to generate captions. As a Lecturer, however, they are able to edit the transcripts they generate.  A Transcript Editor / Lecturer can be assigned transcripts to edit by an institutional admin. 


Institution Admin 


As the Institutional Admin, you have the most capabilities of all the roles, you are one of the main administrators of the account. An Institutional Admin will be able to create and invite users and set their roles. You will be able to review usage across the site down to a granular level. An Institutional Admin will be able to view all transcripts created across the institution and will also have the ability to assign transcript editing tasks to other users, predominantly users with the role of Transcript Editor. 


*All users can use the Caption.Ed apps to generate captions when viewing media.

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