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Captioning with the browser extension

Caption.Ed can be added as an extension to your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. This allows you to quickly transcribe media within your browser; from YouTube videos to online lectures. 

How to download the Caption.Ed Browser Extension 

Step 1: You can download and install the Google Chrome extension here, or the Microsoft Edge extension here

Step 2: Once you've installed and added to extension to your browser, the Caption.Ed logo should appear in the top right of the browser toolbar.

If the logo hasn't appeared, you may need to "Pin" it to your toolbar. Click to "Extensions" icon in the top left (the icon that looks like a jigsaw piece), and make sure the "Pin/View" icon for Caption.Ed is selected.

Using the Caption.Ed browser extension

Step 1: Click on the "Caption.Ed" icon in your browser's toolbar.

Step 2: Here you can choose the subject of the session, and adjust the text size and theme of the captions.

Step 3: When you're ready, click "Start".

Step 4: Once you've started the session, press play on your chosen media and you will see the captions appear on your screen

Step 4: Once you've finished watching the video, select the Caption.Ed browser extension icon again and click the "Stop" button.

Step 2: Take it back now, y'all

Step 3: A full transcript of your session will now be available on your Caption.Ed library. (How do I access my transcripts?)

Have any questions? You can submit a ticket to our support team or email us directly at [email protected] 

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